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Price vs Value in Your Tile Installer

Price vs Value in Your Tile Installer

When I started installing tile for money in 1993 I knew almost nothing.

My experience was that I had sold tile for about nine months. I knew the theory of how to install tile but had no practical knowledge.

One day a couple came in and purchased some tile from me. They asked me if I wanted to install it for them. I told them I’d love to but I have never actually installed a tile before. They trusted me anyway, and my career was hatched.

I had no idea what to charge so had to ask a real tile setter what the going rate was. He told me $3/ square foot and I thought that sounded great. I didn’t charge for prep work but was learning and really enjoyed the job. My young bride was happy to help me and we learned together how to do this trade.

Twenty-four years later…

I charge a little more than the 1993 rates but the value of what I learned along the way warrants it. I learned a great deal from many people and am still learning new things every day. I don’t think I’ll ever have it completely figured out but love the new challenges. Just this week I learned of a new tool that will really change things. The funny thing about that one is that I actually bought it to try years ago and forgot about it. I threw it away without ever learning how to use it.

Everything is constantly improving …more lately than ever.

-Grouts that don’t need sealing.

-Lightweight thinset that uses microscopic hollow spheres instead of sand.

-Waterproofing and crack isolation membranes.

Some of the old school methods I’ve learned over the years still hold true as well. There are a lot of options for a tile installation in this sunny paradise. Some of them will install tile for less than I will spend on materials.

I believe in using the right materials for the job.

They are usually the most expensive but result in the best products.

I don’t rush the process.

Sometimes in order to get the best result you have to wait for something to dry overnight instead of plowing through.

I want your installation to last.

And I want you to think of me when you need another one.

I know I won’t be the cheapest option you’ll find. I don’t want to be.

I want to be the best value.

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